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Our Mission

Established in 2010, Riley Rolph Animal Rescue Foundation provides financial assistance to existing, reputable animal rescues and raises awareness for animal welfare through its information resource network.

Riley’s Rescue is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization staffed and supported entirely by volunteers. One hundred percent of donations directly support animal rescues and their needs.

Riley will never get the chance to be President, but the Riley Rolph Animal Rescue Foundation, established in her honor, will work to realize her dream of a world where all domesticated animals have a loving home and are cared for properly.

About Riley

Riley Rolph was born February 11, 1998 with a significant heart defect. At 3 pounds, doctors felt she was too small to attempt the operation that would give her a chance at life. Her parents prayed for a miracle and it was granted. Riley grew to become a talented artist, honor roll student, and a friend to animals everywhere. She greeted everyone she met with a smile; few could resist her compelling zest for life and sharp wit. Riley planned to be President so that she could provide food and shelter for abandoned and homeless animals.

Riley passed away August 28, 2009, as a result of an on-going battle with a congenital heart condition, while holding her mother’s hand. Her spirit lives on within the many she touched along the way.

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Riley’s Parents:  Julie & Eric

Eric is a dedicated father small-business owner and accomplished triathlete. His never give up and always sunny disposition gave hope to Riley that pets “in jail” would find their forever homes.

Julie is a loving and strong mother who instilled in Riley the value of strength in conviction. An avid equestrian, she taught Riley to ride and understand the bond between animal and humans.

Together they spent countless hours with Riley at Shelters and many wonderful times fostering a large (and growing) number of pets looking for their “forever” home.